4 August 2007

Nthabi, Reason and DJ Hamma Helsinki Invasion

Nthabi and Reason from Johannesburg and DJ Hamma from Cape Town have been performing in Finland for the past week and I've been hanging out with them for couple of days in Helsinki. Altogether I ended up with 500 photos. I uploaded some of them to my Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/welfarestateofmind.

Download Nthabi's EP "From the Street to the Lab" free and legal from:




1 comment:

Thembi said...


I lyk IT.Whateva it izzz!
Yall rock like ceramic.

Kip da crazy minstate goin!
I'm a fan, and I totally love reason 4 no reason at all.

Nd I love Nthabi..4 havin an african name and lookin black. I be diggin u lyk dat Im no lesbo n ish u knw..just sane crazy in da head!!!!!!!!!!!!