25 April 2008

Barking at Dogs

I can’t believe I am thinking about dogs. It’s unbelievable because in my life I haven’t spent too much time to think about the animals in general, but now, I am thinking about dogs in specific. Dogs in South Africa are very different to the ones I grew to know (or I suppose not to know too well) in Finland. These dogs here aren’t cute by anyone’s standard and as they keep me up barking in the middle of the night, I doubt that many people nearby here consider them friends, not to even mention the very best friend.

See, in South Africa dogs serve a purpose. I could say their purpose is to kill and sound really over the top, but I don’t think in reality that is too far from the truth. If I may be a bit more precise then let me rephrase and say that their purpose is to, if not keep away, then seriously wound anyone who is not welcome to the owner’s yard.

Well, say what you say, but dogs aren’t that intelligent that unlike those people at the airport customs they could pretend that there is some kind of randomness in their harassment. Dogs just bark at anything at any time of the day and their owners don’t look too bothered. I suppose the way they see it they have as much reason to be bothered as someone who bought a car that works; their “pets” are doing exactly what they are supposed to. If you are close enough to have a problem from aggressive barking and general threatening attitude of these beasts (even if it’d be behind a fence) then it really is your problem, not the owners one.

I don’t know if all of this qualifies as enough to make any kind of conclusions about anything, but I suppose the thing that is in my mind is that certain problems, like crime for instance, are twofold: first one is obvious, someone steals your belongings or hurts you, and the other, the people who try to counter it by taking liberties and stopping to think about anything else but themselves and their survival. Whether that is the case or not, I must say on the record that as someone who never liked dogs much, I really don’t like them right now and I am increasingly suspicious about their owners as well.

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