16 June 2008

Book Fair day two

The second day of Cape Town Book fair was not nearly as busy for us as the first. That doesn’t mean that the good stuff wasn’t good, just that there was less of it. At least for us there was.

Morning, well it was at eleven, started with a talk “Making Light of the Dark Continent” in which author Sihle Khumalo (he's the one in those photos below) was being interviewed. Now, no person who has been walking into a book shop within past half a year or so, couldn’t miss his book Dark Continent My Black Arse. It’s a great travelling book - an African exploring Africa. Sounds refreshing and it also is just that. Sihle came across like a cool and humble guy just like Niq Mhlongo and Thembelani Ngenelwa on previous day. I hate to say this but I’ve been so surprised how down to earth writers seem to be. I don’t know what I expected. I guess I’ve always given much credit to anyone who writes a book, almost any kind actually, and partly because I have a background of interviewing all kinds of pop musicians who have opinions of themselves.

Sihle Khumalo speaks

We’ve almost done with a small feature on Sihle as I also got to interview him one-on-one and that will be featured here in next few days.

Monday, the third day of the event, doesn’t leave us cold either. It’s quite incredible that we’ve so far had a chance to meet most of our favourite new and young(ish) authors of the new SA and last one is Ndumiso Ngcobo. He’s talking on Monday about his witty and observational Some of my Best Friends are White. We hope to ask him few questions as well.

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