3 June 2008

Photographs from anti-xenophobia demonstration

After posting my previous post I immediately found myself in the middle of a major demonstration against xenophobia. While my wife Amkelwa was interviewing the participants I was busy taking photographs. I have been taking photos of demonstrations before and it’s notable that the photos tend to always end up looking more dramatic and intense than what the actual event did. I suppose that has got to do with the fact that photographer finds him/herself drawn to the dramatic scenes, rules out uninteresting, which most often means calm and peaceful scenes and people, whether they are shouting and chanting peacefully or angrily tend to look similar and our mind conditioning, especially in the case of Moslems is that surely they are upset. That is also why coming back from such an event and checking the pool of photos myself, I end up feeling torn about the seriousness of what I witnessed. And in the name of clarity, I mean seriousness as in was there a personal threat to me, not was the issue at hand serious.

Having said this, check the photographs from this link. As said we also recorded audio and are currently working on that.

Amkelwa doing interviews in anti-xenophobia demonstartion in Cape Town.

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