8 June 2008

Third year here

Today's my third blog anniversary. Well done me.. although there's been many droughts and in particular up to very recent times I hardly wrote at all, it's not a problem. It's nice to be here now and hey, three years, I must be bit older and wiser than I was and world has changed a bit as well. Even if no one else would have followed these thoughts for three years (and I know for a fact that at least my dad to whom these work as lessons in English has), at least I have online documentation of what I thought and how between 2005 and 2008 and then beyond. I think that's pretty great. This has been my platform to learn about the online environments and the other place I work a lot these days is our company Voxpop Africa Media website. My wife Amkelwa also became a blogger this week and check her site Inner Sense here.

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