10 July 2008

Beyond Xenophobia

Our documentary Beyond Xenophobia is done. We reckon it’s brilliant. In it, we suggest, or rather the interviewees do, that xenophobia is not necessarily the root cause of the recent attacks. It’s rather a symptom for other issues within the society. Issues like unemployment, poverty and even trauma of the past.

We managed to get an all-star cast to be interviewed. George Bizos, the lawyer extraordinaire who has defended so many heroes that it makes him one, and Dr Mamphela Ramphele, activist, academic and co-founder of BCM (Black Consciousness Movement) amongst others talk about the problems and solutions. We also have the new wave South African writers Niq Mhlongo, Sihle Khumalo, Thembelani Ngenelwa and Ndumiso Ncgobo giving their commentary, as well as many affected people from various African countries, and local community activists.

Beyond Xenophobia is a thought provoking documentary which hopefully encourages open debate and inspires action.

For more information about it, contact us via email:
info@voxpopafrica.com or find the other means from our contact site.

One of the interviewees Lindelwa ‘Mamtshawe’ Rosslyn Thole giving her views during the anti-xenophobia demonstration June 2nd in Cape Town.

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