27 July 2008

Music for free

I think it’s cool when artist give music for free. Who wouldn’t like free things, I know, but I am not talking about giving your record for free. Just give something. Give us a taster so we know what and who we are dealing with. In Hip Hop, mixtapes are great for that. Still, an EP or just a song is nice as well. When we hear it, we may like it and for goodness sake even buy it. But it’s hard to buy something you haven’t heard. Especially since radio is pretty corrupt when it comes to playing music, and especially in South Africa, local music. Besides, it gives a very positive and likeable image of the artist. It creates a sense of relationship with artist and at least for me, makes it likely that I support the artist when I can (if I like the tracks that is). I know many people disagree with me for giving stuff for free and especially this month the HYPE magazine, South African Hip Hop magazine, wrote in its editorial that people must put a proper price for their work. Fair play. The problem is that in order to do more or less any business, one must also do some promotion. Some guys in SA even refused to give their songs as radio promos when I was doing a show where I happily would have supported them. They still wanted me to buy their records. And I did; not as a radio DJ, but as a music lover, and one should never count their airplay on such a thing.

Before I digress too much I better get to the main point. One of the top SA Hip Hop artists Reason has put his mixtape UndrestandingB4Reason online to be downloaded as a whole. I met him for the first time in Finland when he was touring there with Nthabi (who also has made her music available as free download) and he’s really cool down to earth guy, and right kind of humbleness is important. I was the unofficial official photographer of the tour (in Helsinki only) and I thought about putting few previously unseen photographs from that tour online to mark the occasion of free mixtape. The cover of the CD, by the way, uses my photography from these sessions. It’s taken before the show in the legendary backstage of Tavastia Club in Helsinki. I am pleased about that.

I like many tracks and particularly I don’t Battle No More and the first Intro track whatever its name is. That brings me to my only complain. The tracks are not named, which is a shame. For a music lover it’d be important to have the tracks named correctly and it’s nice to have artwork as well in your iTunes or media player. Also, I prefer zipped files of the whole records. They are very convenient even if they are hosted by some of these free services like Rapidshare and what have you. Also, for the web site like the one hosting this kind of stuff, RSS feeds would really improve their service. I’d subscribe in a blink of an eye. But no hating here, absolutely none. Do the opposite and show love.

Link to vinyl1980.com to download the mixtape

Myself and Reason in Tavastia backstage; arguably the most legendary spot in Finnish music scene.

(above and below) Reason and DJ Hamma in Helsinki

Reason and Nthabi

Last gig of the tour has just ended

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