17 August 2008

Few weeks later

Let’s try again. Last time updating my blog was far from smooth experience. I don’t know if it’s Google (of which Blogger is part of) that was playing jokes with my nerves or should I just blame the internet in South Africa. I don’t know and it’s not so important, but life goes on.

After writing my last piece which somewhat speculates on the Zimbabwean situations, the negotiations in the country have been ongoing, and it looks some kind of solution is at hand. That’s so nice although there seems to be a distinct lack of reporting it in the so called western news. Of course, there are already new countries to point the fingers at, and Zimbabwe can now be added on the long list of things that the powers that be and the pan-European world can remember and if things go wrong they say “told ya so”, and if they go right we ignore it and put new places in check. As long as it isn’t us. Few weeks ago people in the west were talking about military interventions that would have left the country even more scarred than it already was and this week we have forgotten that there was a problem. How convenient. Well, as long as there are other things to focus, like Georgia, that we can give our uninformed opinions on, it’s all alright to us. That’s how simple it all is to us.

Well, this being said, if the change happens in Zimbabwe like it may, the problems of global capitalism in the form of highly conditional loans may be just starting. I wish not but we must be realistic as well. See, I really don’t want to be the guy who says “I told ya so”… I’d hate to be that guy.

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