17 August 2008

Looking down

Panorama photograph overlooking Cape Town. (Click to enlarge)

It’s always nice to do something you’ve never done before. Well, most of the times at least. This weekend me and my wife went up to the top of the Table Mountain. It’s mad because I’ve spent a lot of time in Cape Town but I hadn’t before this done what people who come here for a long weekend always do. Well, I guess it always is like that. You never know the museums of your home town either.

But anyone who has been in Cape Town can say that the mountain is grand whether you’re up or down. I’ve added some photographs online. I also did some experiments with panorama shots. I use SLR camera so it’s not one of those in built panorama options that small digital cameras sometimes have, and there was some tweaking involved. Generally it’s a learning experience but I am rather happy with the results.

Below some shots and more when you click here.

Amkelwa looking over the city bowl. (Click to enlarge)

Far from home

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