9 September 2008

Few bits and bobs

There was a time not too long ago, when I had all the chance in the world to update the blog whenever I wanted, but didn’t really do it much. It seems a bit distant now that I barely have online access to update but almost always some posts already written on my laptop and many topics are left unwritten on because getting online isn't that easy. I do check my emails and read whatever I want and need from my phone, but it's not really very convenient to type anything too long with it or to upload photos. So let me just say few quick things here in one convenient all around post.

I already talked about the car we bought. It's pretty cool indeed, but it's not all. We also just moved to a new place. A lot nicer than the old one, which wasn't bad, although it was rather small. We are also joined by a little man called Lwandle. He's been staying at his grandmother for his first year and half. So definitely enough changes. All very good.

Previously I posted some of my panoramic photographs from the top of the Table Mountain here in Cape Town. I got one of them printed professionally for a gift and I was very pleased with the way it came out. It's almost 1 m long and the quality is good all around. I wanted to add the photo of the photo and the subject being a subject again.

(click here to see the original)

Weather. Don't even get me started on that. It's awful here in Cape Town. Rain and more rain, cold heavy winds and then some. I actually saw the stream of water turning upwards in the gutter as the two oceans blew their hardest winds towards it. Good news is of course that the summer should be here soon. I need it already.

That's it really... it wasn't even that many things but at least I got them out. The situation with internet should change rather soon as we're getting broadband hopefully in few weeks to our flat.

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