9 September 2008

New Car

We bought a car. What a weird time to do that. Petrol’s getting more and more expensive and we’re generally told to avoid private cars in the name of global warming or rather the race against it. And I’ve never had a car. I’ve never thought about having one. Never needed one. I don’t even think it would have ever made my life any better. In Helsinki there’s no parking and although I sometimes complain, by any standard absolutely brilliant public transportation system. 600 000 people are served by buses, trams and even few lines of subway and I doubt many other cities of such size have similar systems in place, but now I’ve digressed.

One of the things with Cape Town is that when you’ve got a family and a business not having a car is a real inconvenience. It doesn’t leave us with many options. We were looking into different options. We wanted new a little used one. That means like very recent, possibly even a demo car, which has the smallest possible petrol consumption combined with best safety and bit of edge in the looks department was seen as a great bonus. That excludes colour though; we didn’t want a circus car but classy and the edge was welcome with shape and other such details.

I don’t know anything about cars. Although I’ve actually multiplied my knowledge in the past few months (many many times), but I still don’t know much. I am, however, very pleased with the kind of car, silver or gray depends on your eye, cool looking small one with a small motor, last year’s model with many airbags, that we found. It indeed is a demo car with not too many kilometres behind it. Not too bad. Actually we ended up finding a car that had absolutely everything we had on our wish list and even more, and the price was agreeable as well. So now I have a car of my dreams - good thing I only ever dreamed of small used car.

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