22 September 2008

Zimbabwe does it

I was watching live the signing of Zimbabwean agreement of Government of National Unity and what a show. I was so impressed. I’ve never felt like living such historic times. Some great speakers there as well on the podium. Funny how I was surprised about Mugabe. He gave an excellent speech, but then again, they found the fifteen second clip for the news where he looks like a wino from the park shouting at kids who are playing ball. He talked very emotionally without notes about the history, recent events and future and made some points that were pretty clever. Not to say he’s the best leader ever, but good speech nonetheless (which is not action… only speech). Professor Mutambara also spoke really well. Great ceremony. Much better than any MTV awards ever and I’ve seen my fair share of those as well.

Well, agreement was reached. Who would have thought. Not any of us westerners anyway. The anti-Mugabe choir was calling for military intervention and what not like those have gone so well in the past. Just ask Iraqis. This was an African solution to an African problem as it was said and that is great.

I have previously written about the future prospects. I was wrong about how this happened, and I am happy that I was. I think national unity is the best way forward and I didn’t see that coming, but then again, who am I to even see these things. The trouble is though the loans that are taken from the IMF to support the new currency (at least based on the plans). Those harsh conditions of the loans are not going to help the people who have long suffered. I hope there will be some solution that comes out of the blue like the agreement did (to me at least). Who knows; even the Americans are nationalising (AIG) now so maybe IMF has to think again the sweeping privatisations. I doubt, but I guess there is hope that Morgan Tsvangirai finds ways of dealing with finances and like the old uncle Bob Mugabe said in his speech, there’s something that can be learned from their successes as much as their failures. That’s pretty big from someone who has demonised to be the like of Mobutu Sese Seko or Idi Amin (both supported and somewhat installed by west by the way).

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