20 October 2008


Getting internet connection is not supposed to be hard. Actually, buying any service should be easy. Give money to someone and they give you what you want. If you can afford it, then you should get it unless you want drugs and guns and things like that; I am not talking about illegal things but basic stuff. Isn’t that what capitalism is all about?

I thought as much, but the saga of our internetlessness is long as Siberian winter. It’s difficult in South Africa with these services and it really doesn’t help that I am used to, what can only be called as the opposite.

The service provider who has done such a bad job at convincing me that they take me seriously has to contact the Telkom which is the company that needs to connect the wires, but they don’t have the keys and means to do it without the agent that represents the building where we stay. The building itself is very nice. It looks beautiful, but it’s build in a hurry, I assume, or something has gone awfully wrong, because there’s so many things that just don’t work and I am tired of complaining. Gosh, to make the story short, it very much looks like the building doesn’t have the right wires at this point and electrician needs to fix it after which these all other parties may or possible may not do what they are expected to do. I am sure you get the message; it’s complicated, and it doesn’t help that one should have all these people attending their various tasks in co-operation and ideally simultaneously so that I could work better from my home. To buy a service that I am determined to have and need and indeed can afford. It’s important to note that I am not asking or expecting to have anything for free.

One day I hope it will be ok. I have never heard anyone saying anything good about internet service in South Africa. I know there are many much more pressing matters as well, but in order to have the competitive edge in business or any other aspect of life, this could improve. I am still forced to go to the internet café to send email although I can fortunately check them from my phone.

Well, rant’s over. It is what it is I suppose.

A topic unrelated to the negativity that is the internet connection: I realised that I have not one but two Nelson Mandela special 90th birthday five rand coins. That’s nice. I don’t know why it’s nice, but it feels so. They’re pretty new things anyway.

Also, a photograph from our home. Or rather the view. The sun is setting behind the Lions Head (the mountain formation that is part of Table Mountain in Cape Town) and the rays are just so cool and powerful. It’s a beautiful city, isn’t it.