2 December 2008

Thoughts from my desk

It never gets any less confusing. Hearing Christmas music when the temperature is above 30 Celsius degrees. The whole holiday season image is very Northern Hemispherean. I pity the people who boil in the Santa suit here. But either way, the end of the year and all that it brings is very nearly here and we are getting ready to hit the up north, spending a month in Finland. I am looking forward to that and I’ll be the first to admit, I really need a holiday. Starting up business, raising a baby and generally just living can be taxing experience. It’s rewarding as well, of course, but without elaborating more, I am ready for a break. Maybe even my first sleep-in in months. Babies don’t take weekends off from their demands. I don’t even know if I like babies in general, but I am the biggest fan of my son.

Other, completely unrelated things.

I have been writing a lot about Zimbabwe. I’ve said before and I still do that it’s difficult to know the accuracy of the news from there as they tend to be biased one way or another. Having been in the country during the land reform and seeing how the situation was demonised was disheartening and after that I decided to take most news from anywhere
, but especially from the African continent with pinch of salt. Still, it looks bad now and it’s the ordinary people who always suffer the most. I hope there will be a peaceful solution as these military interventions tend to cause problems that are worse than the originals.

South Africa has its own brand of trouble. Well, not exclusively their own, but racism is still rife and especially Cape Town seems like the racism capital of the world. Racism is a weird phenomena as it seems that it shouldn’t be talked about. At least, and indeed the most, the racist themselves will go to their graves denying it while complaining how black people have ruined this country. For anyone who has never been to South Africa it can be difficult to actually understand how deep these feelings are. I was re
ading a book called For Whites Only by Charles Cilliers. It’s an honest book and hopefully it opens up a little more meaningful public discourse, but I still found it being almost a little conservative. I am still glad it was written and I hope the people will read it.

Last week I also read another book called Leave the B@$T@*D$ Behind by Richard Maun. It’s book meant for people who are planning or have started their own business. I fall into the latter category and this book was great. It didn’t patronise me once and it didn’t try to make me feel like if I don’t want to be bigger business man than Trump himself I am fool. It’s a very cool, informative and witty book about how to do some basic stuff that can often be the hardest. Not that I wasn’t excited about our busi
ness before, but now I am even more. That’s a beautiful thing.

Business wise we have been working hard as well. Trying to create something new is not always easy, but if it was, everyone would do it. We’ve got few really cool new projects on their way. We’re are starting to record an audio book next month with a high profile author who will be reading the book herself. I am not getting into details yet who we talk about, but I suspect this could be that project that really puts us on the map. We are also dealing with another project that is partly audio and partly visual exploring the clan names of Xhosa people in South Africa. The most famous of those is Madiba, of course, because it has become synonymous with Nelson Mandela, but we easily forget that the guy who sells newspapers on the traffic lights also has one. Who knows if there are some Madibas there as well. I’ve got two at home at least. There are fair few of these clan names and we are currently looking how to best execute something out of them. It’s th
e photographic project that I have been cooking for some time now. Concepts are very cool and the designs and some test shots are coming along nice as well. It’s the most elaborate photographic project for me yet and I feel very ready for it.

So yeah, some cool stuff and some not so cool this time. The next piece may be coming from Finland already. I cannot believe they already had 30 cm of snow and now it’s raining again there. I never thought I’d say this but I hope it’ll be snowy and even a bit cold when we get there. I can manage that for a month.

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