23 February 2009

Small Talk

Life sometimes is so busy. These days it almost always actually is. This past Sunday Lwandle had his second birthday. We had few guests, cake and just general nice time. I took many photos and some of the turned nice, but haven't yet had much time for the old post-production. Have to see when I get down to it more.

We are also moving houses. Well, we are moving into a house, which is pretty cool. It's a lot of work though in the form of cleaning and all of that. Now a new addition of course is gardening which I already started today by clearing bushes on our small back area. The house has been empty for few months so things were bit dusty and overgrown, but it'll look nice and homely when we give it few weeks.

I am also busy preparing the lectures I am going to be giving at the UCT (University of Cape Town). I did not mention about this here previously, but I am obviously very excited. I'll teach radio - what else.

I also wanted to post few photographs and go and see more from my Flickr site where you can comment them or whatever you wish.

Lastly, and I do this purely as a fan, download new track from Rattex. It's called Ndiselapha and it's big.

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