8 March 2009

Artists have gone blogspot

I am neither the most nor the least techno savvy guy on earth. My aim is merely to find the best way to do what I want to do and that's where it ends. I suspect this is the case with fair few other people as well only they are a lot better in it , but to the point. Or at least to approach the point for now.

Blogger service (this one that I use and all the blogs with .blogspot.com in the end do) was sort of the first thing as far as I understood free blogging. I started using it after I had seen someone who I considered to be an opinion leader in what is good online hosting his blog with this service. Then came the Wordpress and I have been flirting with it; I tried to re-launch my blog with it and I opened one for my wife who wanted to write thing or two. I am currently also looking into it again in order to make another site for a project we're starting, but I have never felt like leaving the Blogger. I've never felt like I "get" the Wordpress well enough to utilise all that is supposedly so great about it. I've tried, but my presence here now I guess tells the story on its own. Blogger may not be perfect, but it has been my imperfect blog site.

It surprises me now, for some reason, that in the past one and half days I have come across three of the artists whose records I have enjoyed tremendously having their own Blogger blog. I think it raises my blog' s cool factor a little bit as well. There can still be creative people in Blogger and not everyone has migrated.

So, I said all this to give those links.

Kano Lives at 140 Grime St.

Blak Twang – Speaking from Xperience

Jean Grae – Life With Jeannie

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