3 March 2009

Youth Forum at Artscape

Marlene Le Roux, Director of Audience Development & Education at the Artscape is addressing the participants.

We started this week with a Youth Seminar at the Artscape. One often notices obstacles on the communication lines between the grassroots and decision makers, and when it comes to youth issues this definitely is the case. Every generation of young people grow up with different circumstances, value systems, media influences and general zeitgeist, should I use such a word, and every previous generation is trying to understand them through the circumstances they grew up with. I guess it is no wonder that we always venture out complaining about the youth of today. But admittedly sounding like a cliché or 80's pop song, youth and children are the future. They are the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow and Youth Forum gave hope as many, I suppose mainly volunteers, talked and gave their views of the challenges in schools and communities and took responsibility to do what they can for the betterment of these circumstances.

Unfortunately we could not stick around for every session, but it was extremely educational and we recorded very interesting commentaries and interviews that we are looking forward using in our projects in future.

Audience member raising questions to the speakers.

Voxpop Africa's Amkelwa interviewing Eric from KYDC, Khayelitsha.

Mr Michael Maas, Chief Executive at the Artscape.

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