23 April 2009

Another Identity Portrait

One more portrait from inkokhelo.com shot by Mikko Kapanen (that'd be me).

About month ago we started working on our identity project Inkokhelo. Our starting point was iziduko, the clan names of Xhosa people. Being located in Cape Town it seemed like a convenient natural starting point. But it was never to be the end of it; of course project like this has its own life span for however long and it really is about the journey and not the destination.

Our latest model is Shaqir who has his roots in Khoi Khoi, Java and French Hugenots, which makes him uniquely and so distinctly South African. I find this stuff powerfull and I am currently editing an interview where he talks about his identity. That will be uploaded soon and you can hear it from this blog as well.

17 April 2009

New look.

It was time to finally change the look of my blog. I know I changed it not so long ago a bit, but this one is bit fresher all around. Well, in my view at least, But I am the one who has been looking at the bugger for nearly four years. I suppose it is time to freshen up a bit. It's not quite there yet, so to speak, but it's getting towards it.

Life has been busy and full of obstacles. I am not complaining, just stating. It feels good to be here in this particular junction where I feel like getting up. I am not gonna get into the whole "I try to write more" and "Oh, how long it has again been since I last wrote". I write when I write and if you are interested more then you can follow me on Twitter which I actively use.

13 April 2009


We've been working on a new project that combines photography with African Clan names. All the information is on www.inkokhelo.com, but here's some samples. Thought I might post them here as well.