17 April 2009

New look.

It was time to finally change the look of my blog. I know I changed it not so long ago a bit, but this one is bit fresher all around. Well, in my view at least, But I am the one who has been looking at the bugger for nearly four years. I suppose it is time to freshen up a bit. It's not quite there yet, so to speak, but it's getting towards it.

Life has been busy and full of obstacles. I am not complaining, just stating. It feels good to be here in this particular junction where I feel like getting up. I am not gonna get into the whole "I try to write more" and "Oh, how long it has again been since I last wrote". I write when I write and if you are interested more then you can follow me on Twitter which I actively use.


Marja said...

Heippa! No, olipas täällä uuden näköistä. Oikein hyvä! Onko twitter nyt missä? Että pysyy perässä =)

Wenchy said...

Okay, I'm following you on twitter now. Very proper.