5 May 2009

Just let me be, Please.

I am not trying to offend anyone here. Why do I need a disclaimer every time I am about to say anything I think or feel about religion? Of course, I really don't want to offend anyone since I am not very confrontational person, but in actual fact, should you feel at all offended by what I think, then you really need to gain some confidence into your belief system.

I do have my opinions on organised religion and other social aspects of faith. They are not very supportive towards the cause itself, but I am not really interested in writing about them. If that is what suits you, then knock yourself out. And that, actually, is exactly what I wanted to write on. You must do exactly what you must in the name of your personal faith as long as the emphasis is on the personal.

Based on this idea I really mainly have one problem with Christianity; Matthew 28:19-20. That is the bit that tells the good Christians to go and bother everyone else with their thoughts on heaven and hell and everlasting life. Without that bit all the other bits would be just ideas on use it don't use it basis, and it would be easy to never hear much about them if you so chose, but because there seems to be somewhat strong emphasis on converting everyone to see things in a same way as they do, the Christians don't give up on us non-believers. In my experience the most arrogant aspect of this particular religion is that its followers assume that my lack of religion or even personal faith in any God-like concept is due to not knowing enough about it. And I am not talking about Easter Anglicans or Christmas Catholics, but the ones who actually believe in what they say they believe in. Thanks very much, my knowledge on religion, its history and dogma is just fine and maybe just because of that I find it impossible to relate to. I mean think of all the atrocities that can be attributed to various types of organised religions. It's gang mentality all over.

For many years I didn't have to address the topic of my religious views. It was fine, no one asked and no one probably even really cared. In South Africa, however, these matters are taken very seriously and the reason I am writing now is because earlier today there was some lady shouting loudly about her religious values on our living room couch (some relative of relative), and I thought that it was a bit much. Since this is my home and no one here subscribes to any major religion. And while I don't share her values and in all honesty I was rather annoyed by them, they were not my problem, but the fact that they had to be broadcasted on my time. Why would they even concern me anyway? What is this obsession of having to make sure that everyone thinks like they do? None of my Moslem friends do that. That's not to say that I believe any more to their religion, but what I like about it, or maybe it's just my Moslem friends, is that what is something beautiful, like a personal faith can be, isn't being made my problem. I stand against converting and going around trying to babtise the world. It really is annoying and quite arrogant.

My Christian friend (this is not a token Christian friend like every girl's gay friend or so, just a person who subscribes to this religion) once told me that Richard Dawkins' book God Delusion needs to be hidden from the Christians. He felt very threatened by it and it made me wonder that is there still some underlying lack of confidence amongst Christians to their faith. I mean science suggest that evolution has more to it that creationism; even the Pope agrees now, world is not flat and Adam and Eve might not have been how it all started. So considering all those times the church was seemingly wrong, I guess it starts to be difficult to prove without evidence that anything of bible should be accurate. I mean it could be, but it doesn't seem likely to me. But maybe there's an element of if I say it enough times, it'll become the truth. Like Weapons of Mass destruction, although that might be a bad example.

So if I could be a God for a day, I'd give Christians confidence to their cause and I'd erase that bit from the bible, where it says “...go around judging people and try to force them to start thinking like you do; be offended by other opinions and approach strangers on the streets with Jesus stuff”. I am not sure if my quote is absolutely word by word, but that's more or less how whatever is said there seems to be interpreted.

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