20 May 2009

Reflection and a promise.

If happiness is a loaded gun, then this is mine.

Who did that song “Life is Life”? Of course, the statement in itself is truism, how could it not be, but then again, life is so many things. I am now on my last 100 days of my twenties. Soon enough I'll start the thirties and I am very excited about it. No crisis or anything like that. I think I've done okay and overcome as many obstacles as someone like me has to. As a white European man I am very privileged in this sense, but that's another topic.

Some statistics of my life. On my thirtieth birthday I have lived 10% of my life on the African continent, most of which in South Africa. I lived around 13% of my life thus far in UK, 3% in Ireland and just under 2% in Denmark. The rest, after deducting shorter traveling periods I was growing up in Finland. Of all these times I am happy even though at times it felt difficult. But one is a sum of all experiences so if I am happy with myself now, I wouldn't be who I am without, say, few lonely years in England.

What does one have to achieve in the first 30 years? Many people around me are around the same age so I have been exposed to some ideas. I really don't think that there is any set standard, and I can only talk for myself, without comparing myself to anyone or anything. There are few things that could always be a bit better, but I do have a wife and son and great family in the homeland. I have had a chance to live in a few countries and travel a few more, and work with some cool people and then just some other people. I have had a chance to have great education and my life has been saved by amazing health care which I am so happy about. I've survived cancer and done few things that were even harder, but it's all good. I've had a chance to enjoy some brilliant music and great cinema. I have had access to read and even own some books that has inspired me and made me more than I was before reading them. I am a very fortunate man and I am very grateful for that. Life has been kind to me. It feels good to be where and how I am now, I am happy about the experiences that took me here and made me... well, me, and on top of that, I am excited about the future. To see my son grow and soon probably start talking, three languages mind you, and learn more with him and with my wife.

So yeah, it's been established that I am feeling content. There are few goals for me for this last 100 days. I wanted to write one of them down so I cannot cheat myself away from it. I am going to get moderately fit for my birthday. I say moderately, because I am hardly a person who has stuck to his fitness decisions previously, and also, doing all the family related things, it's not always so easy to have time and energy for extra-curricular activities. But I am going to start with some basic push ups and such and then see where my ambition takes me. So definitely only moderately fit. It's always good to under-promise and over-deliver, and even if you don't over-deliver, it just looks like you have reached your goal.

There won't be any before and after photos on my birthday, but I might just keep the blog updated about how it's going. Just to keep myself in check.

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