24 May 2009

Wittness to Fitness

You know you are doing something you want if you wake up before 7 am on Sunday to do it. It really isn't typical for me to get up at that kind of time, and even less so, to do it because I am on my way to hiking. Yet that is exactly what I did today.

Recently I wrote about the promise of getting moderately fit for my birthday that is in August, and after that our friend Tanja invited me to join their Hiking Club or at least a hike this weekend. I thought that since it sounds like something I don't do, I should probably do it. It was great.

We started around 8 am from the parking area of Silver Mine national park area (or some such) in Noordhoek. The early part of the hike was varying degrees of climbing up in the cool and fresh morning weather on a small rocky path. The difference, I found, between jogging and hiking is that when you start running you initially feel like it is the easiest thing and you may as well go on and do a proper marathon there and then, and only about three to five minutes later you realise that you were wrong and feel like you are going to need hospitalisation. With hiking, however, it goes the other way around and after the hump, you feel like you could go on forever.

The views from up there were pretty amazing while strong winds were opening and closing the cloud curtains around us. After three hours we found ourselves back at the parking area. Only eleven o'clock on Sunday and I had already felt the sense of achievement. Nice one.

So I am still on my way to be moderately fit on my birthday. Let's see where this takes me. Might do this again. My brother in law suspected that I might get addicted to exercise. I doubt that though; I only get addicted to things like Twitter or checking my email every two minutes, but I am still determined to give this a fair and proper go.

Link: Hiking Club Facebook group (Cape Town area)

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