14 June 2009

Book Fair '09

I was thinking about writing something incredibly witty, informative and all around top notch stuff here, but then I decided against it. I sometimes try it - actually almost always - but now I surrender to the tiredness and that's just fine. Still, I wanted to post some photographs from Cape Town Book Fair '09, which we attended this weekend. Last year we were on the scene like James Brown every day of the event, but this time, as the book store chain's bonus card only provided us with a moderate discount and no free entry like last year, and in all honesty, the offering didn't look as good as last time, we decided on one day visit. After initial inexplicable, yet distinct sense of awkwardness we went to listen to some pretty cool talks and panels. That's where the event really is. Rest of it is quite elitist and self-congratulatory.

At some point I will finish editing some audio we recorded with Ndumiso Ngcobo. He's definitely one of my favourite South African writers.. the books and the blog and all. We talked with him last year as well. He's a cool guy. Not one of those times when meeting your favourite whoevers will ruin enjoying their stuff because they were unbearable.

Ndumiso Ngcobo talking, signing and with Amkelwa.

Another talk we attended was a panel about a book called The Prize & The Price. The book is a collection of writings on sexual equality in the society. We initially wanted to hear Professor Kopano Ratele's views, but ended up enjoying a good variety of speakers.

Professor Kopano Ratele from UNISA

As said, the audio material will be uploaded as soon as it's edited.

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