4 June 2009

Four Years of This

Early June 2005 was warm in Finland. I remember it well. The story in itself might sound a bit grim, but I have fond memories myself. I was in hospital somewhere halfway through my chemotherapy. The hospital ward in Helsinki is on the 7th floor of the building. That might not sound too high up, but considering that the city isn't built upwards, the views are good and there's nothing much to block them. I sat down in the corner of the communal meeting space where the new computer had been installed with a free internet access. From a window I saw the Baltic Sea and the seagulls flying near the coast line and its tall trees next to the rowing stadium of 1952 Summer Olympics. I had been thinking about blogging a lot for some time, but now, a drip in my hand I decided to start my own.

After that a lot has happened and quite a lot of it is recorded here. Some periods were more quiet and some quite active when it comes to writing, but all in all, it's been one of the best hobbies I've ever had. After opening this blog I've also had five other blogs, some of them still ongoing, that I've managed, I've created few more and contributed to some others as a writer and photographer. It's been an addiction of some kind.

The look of the blog has changed few times and most recently it did last week. I liked the previous one as well, but unfortunately the code had some trouble that I didn't manage to fix so I decided to change it once more. Now I am rather happy about it.

While my blog celebrates its 4th anniversary on 8th of June, two days before that on the 6th Inner Sense, my wife Amkelwa's blog has its first birthday. I find that to be really cool as well.

Thank You for coming and do come back. I intend to be here for some more time.

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