20 July 2009

Meantime in between time

I've been recently living a bit limboish existence. I haven't quite been here or there, actually, but somewhere halfway waiting to hear which way I am able to go. Yeah, this is just the kind of cryptic stuff I like to write when I am not prepared to give any actual details and facts. In South Africa it happens a lot because in South Africa nothing is sure, and you wait for stuff most of the time. It's part of this whole process.

I have been trying to make peace with the process recently because not making peace with it seems like a lot less appealing option. I am preparing something that I will make public later; maybe in a year's time or so. It's a write up for myself about what do I really think about it all. As in life. It's for me, but when it's done you are also welcome to read it. I also hope that the waiting game ends soon and I have something cool to write.

There are a few cool things actually in the pipelines. My family from Finland is coming to visit us closer to my birthday. That's great. Also, the birthday, the 30th at that, has had few resolutions to accompany it. I promised to get moderately fit and I think I am doing alright with that. Last week saw two hikes and one day basically running on the beach. I have also promised myself to try to cut down my coffee drinking into two cups per day maximum. It's going okay as well, although I have already had my two cups today and I am feeling like getting some more. But one day doesn't count... only the downfall of a resolution that potentially starts from it. Then again, maybe I need to allow myself an extra cup and learn to be a bit less like my own prison warder. For goodness sake, it's just coffee, not heroin.

Link: Check some hiking photos from my Flickr site.

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