25 August 2009

Birthday celebration and a photo

I guess it is a bit of serendipity, a fortunate "accident", that today, when I have my thirtieth birthday, the official Cape Town Tourism site selected my photo as their photo of the day. You can see the actual post on their site from here.

Happy birthday to me.


Inkokhelo said...

Serendipity indeed! Happy Birthday, My Friend,and many happy returns. I guess the universe has conspired to make your thirtieth Birthday a memorable one in many ways. I hope that Life will treat you kind(for real), for you deserve ALL THE GOODNESS She has to offer. May Good Fortune find your doorway(literally), and may your very wildest dreams comes true( Be true to YOU).
Lovely Picture, compliments to the 'Chef'
Happy Birthday!!! Oh! and may you be blessed with many more photo opportunities for the many years to come.

Anonymous said...

Isot onnittelut Mikolle täältä Suomesta.
Vaikuttavat sivut Sinulla.

t. Jarke Riihimäeltä

Anonymous said...

Ukkokin vanhenee, onnittelut lienevät siis paikallaan.

t. Reiman