12 September 2009

Road trip and few other things.

Sunset on the road
Sunset on the road to the east.

It has finally happened; I am a student again. Officially. I’ve started doing my Masters Degree at UCT (University of Cape Town). Continuing similar media related studies that I already did in England. Getting permits took a moment longer than what I hoped for, but it’s all good in the end. The lectures are few times a week and on evening time so the day time struggle still remains in the real world.

We also had some visitors from Finland which was very nice. Great week with my family from that side who came down to celebrate my new decade. Having off week from University this week, we then decided to do a road trip to the great province of Eastern Cape. The home of so many heroes I look up to. Our destination, as per usual, is Graff-Reinett. One of the least progressive farming towns I’ve ever seen, but home to my in laws and birth place of the late Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe.

Summer seems to be starting. I was careful today not to get burnt by the sun, and I guess I was successful in that. I am happy about summer and just in general. That’s all I really wanted to say today.

Sunset on the road

Sunset on the road

Link: Flickr site for the photographs.

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