29 September 2009

Runnin' Tings

Runnin' Tings
Amkelwa's new trainers.

I have said for the longest time, defiance in my voice, that I won’t start running. I have never liked jogging. I have tried it many times and I basically have always wished that I’d be a bit more of a runner. But with walking I am able to think about stuff and while I am hardly such a philosopher that the UN convention acknowledges my thinking as crucial for.. well anything, I am a dreamer. That might be more accurate term. And I like it. With running, I am afraid this dreaming, let’s call it that, is under a threat. Of course I can dream other times, but now I’ve really digressed far from my motive to open the computer and update this blog. To put it simply: I’ve started running and blogging about it.

Yep, me and my wife Amkelwa have decided to take up a two month experiment where we run and write about it (at least a bit). The reason we decided to blog about it is to ensure that we stick to our promise and not slip so easily. Also partly to try the talk of town, Posterous blogs.

Link: Runnin' Tings blog

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