30 October 2009

Another minor personal victory and other things to look forward to

It's a lovely Friday afternoon, I've got a lot of things to look forward to and if that's not enough, one of my photos was again selected as the photo of the day at the official Cape Town Tourism website. Have a look at the link, feel free to even comment here, there or in Flickr.

I am also currently starting up a new blog which deals quite specifically with radio studies. I have been teaching at the UCT and got many ideas and one place where I thought I could share them, and also just organise them, would a be a separate blog. Right now I am writing something and as soon as I am ready to make the link public, I will do so here.

21 October 2009

Few links and photos

Sunset in Cape Town

A, sunset and the ocean

I’ve been busy writing some research and that always has its impact on blogging. Although, I have been writing about my running exercises on Runnin’ Tings. And running has been going rather nicely as well. It certainly has added value in my life.

But the reason I am writing here is to share a few links that I think are very cool.

Cape Town based independent hip-hop label Pioneer Unit, which is behind some of the most talented artists in South Africa, and releases, in my opinion, the most exciting albums in the country as well, has entered the next level with their music videos. The previous ones were cool, but these are something else, and quite frankly should get into the heavy rotation on TV’s music shows.

Here’s Driemanskap’s Camagu and The Streets by Rattex.

I have been a fan of K’Naan ever since I heard his Soobax years ago on BBC 1Xtra’s DNA (I wonder if that show is still on). K’Naan is a Somali rap artist, poet and self-proclaimed dusty foot philosopher who now lives in Canada. He has recently released three online mixtapes for free and very much legally in co-operation with an American producer and DJ J.Period. These mixtapes are tributes to Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. You can get them from J.Period’s site.

Of course also a few photographs in this post. They are from one of our family outings by the sea. More photographs in my Flickr site.