31 December 2009

Social Medialess January


In Finland it is somewhat traditional to not drink alcohol in January. Well, we say we don’t drink but when the month is in its halfway mark, I am relatively sure that less people are standing behind this particular New Year’s resolution. Still, after the indulgence of the holiday season, at least theoretically, January serves as a cleansing exercise. It’s kind of what Catholics do for lent except its lack of element of competition but initially increased sense of self-loathing which very soon fades away. It’s My theory that the many failures to keep this promise can be attributed to this phenomenon of the only reason for self-policing being so easily forgotten; at times even changing into the driving force to not to keep the promise.

Since there’s over a year from my last drop of any alcohol and even before that I was hardly your wino in the park, I have decided to do my own brand of cleansing exercise: Social Medialess January.

I am no purist and there may be a few social media tools I’ll have to use, so to be absolutely clear there won’t be any Twittering or Facebooking for me in January 2010. I’ll turn off all the notifications to my email and should you try to contact me I won’t be available through these means of communication – email me. I will, of course, keep on checking my emails. I might upload a few photos to Flickr and update a blog or two at times, but the two main offenders are out of question.

So there. Happy 2010 – the magical year of football and many other good things to come. I’ll see you lot a little later then.

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