23 January 2010


Wouldn’t you feel a bit cheated if you bought a CD by your favourite artists, put it in your CD player and got first ten minutes adverts of other albums connected to the one you’ve just bought only by the same corporation that distributes it, and a clip of quilt tripping for some people selling illegal copies of this music and how that kills everything beautiful and is basically just like terrorism? Only then you’d get to hear the soothing sounds of the music of your choice. It’s not like you cannot skip it, but it would feel weird to have to.

With DVD:s this is exactly what happens, especially in two cases: rental copies and children’s stuff. I should know this because these days kids DVD:s are a hot commodity in our household and your Disneys and others try nothing harder than to convince my son to need so many more cartoons in his life. I am a bit bored with it and quite frankly as a consumer and a citizen feel cheated.

Of course there are other media artefacts filled with adverts and many of them consider adverts as content as well; for instance we don’t expect to buy a magazine with no advertising. With magazines however, the price is sometimes quite agreeable due to the adverts, but then you also get these R100 or 10 Euro camera magazines half of the pages being just adverts and that’s too much. I have also
written ages ago about how I feel about this happening in cinema – not right.

Be all of this as it may, the reason I am writing about it is after a long pause in renting DVD:s we checked yesterday White Wedding which was a very nice film with one of our favourite South African actors Kenneth Nkosi amongst others. It was a nice film and certainly a great post card film for when one isn’t here. So let me finish on a positive note and say, see it.

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