17 January 2010

Unsolicited advice

My new shoes
In picture: my new running shoes has not got anything to do with the topic. They're just nice.

No one has asked my opinion on the following matter yet here it is. Free of charge.

I think there are limits to expressing your personality through your child’s dress code. We all think different clothes are comfortable for us and then assume that the same goes for our children. My rule of dressing a child up is that form follows function. Rather have clashing colours than discomfort. There is, however, nothing wrong otherwise with matching colours. That's not what I am saying. Child needs to be able to play and enjoy life and some of those tight jeans and big belts I’ve seen parents putting on their offspring seemingly fail to achieve these goals. I also find myself annoyed by the parents who dress their kids in white or light colours or generally expensive clothes and then get upset when the clothes get dirty. That’s what kids do – get the clothes dirty. If they didn’t, we should maybe worry a bit.

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