27 January 2010

Up and downloading ebooks

Recently I have started collecting and organising a small; at least for now, e-library. There's quite a few interesting ebooks out there online. My source of choice has been South African HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council) website which is such a great place to download as all the ebooks are free. I have also downloaded some stuff from Bloomsbury Academic, from where I got Lawrence Lessig's Remix. Myself, I am also currently busy writing an ebook on radio production. Nothing massive, but just a nice project so I have been looking into how to get it up there into the public sphere. And the answer is Scribd. It is really a very cool service. It actually is so cool that it inspired me to make small ebooklets on some of my previous writing projects.

Community Radio Practices: a case study on how the political economy impacts production in the South Africa...

Copyleft: How does the media production and consumption of the political left relate to copyrights?

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