16 February 2010

I wonder

“That place has been theirs for 300 years – I mean before ANYONE even arrived here”. In Twitter one would just mark this #OH – overheard. This was what I heard today being back at the UCT campus. Just a reminder of the world view ever so dominant near that Rhodes memorial.

You can’t really explain South Africa, you’ve got to experience it even to have a go at understanding it. Right now I am thinking about a nice non-alienating way to describe how the formats aren’t very clear in South African radio as the divisions are more racialiced. In other words you don't listen to rock radio, you listen to white radio and so on. Actually, for many stations it would be difficult to allocate a format as they are known in Europe and North America at all.

There was also another event that was too awkward to get into now. All I say is this; it was a coincidence that just half an hour earlier I had told my three year old how the way he was imitating certain language was culturally insensitive – even easily offensive. Then it was like BANG! and almost the same thing took place in a class as a part of a journalism excercise. It's just a very different set of values.

These are true stories of the not so post-racial world we live in from the country they call the Rainbow Nation. None of them older than five hours.

Sometimes I wonder what am I still doing here.

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