6 February 2010


A recent photo from my flickr - I married her so well done me.

It’s easy to complain. I have decided to start paying more focused attention to goodness and quality, instead of the negativity that much like an avalanche leaves little left of us after forcing its way through our space.

So here, all this is recommended by me if it means anything. If not, at least don’t hold it against these things.

Check the Grime Daily video from one of my favourite lyricist out there, Lowkey showing us how to do Grime. He’s not a Grime artists as such, but the differentiation between Grime and Hip-Hop is anyway often self-referential, more than aesthetic, although I may be wrong here. There are songs and artists that are easy to connect to one genre or the other, but the grey area is broad.

But who needs to be pigeon holed, labelled and boxed?

Another brilliant artists Mystro made a cool 2009 UK Rap Up track. Some things to remember the year by. While, as the name also suggests, it is UK focused, it's a cool track whether you know what he's on about or not. Download it for free (it's legal my friend), or have a listen from Youtube. The reason why I am a bit late with this thing - it being February 2010 already - is actually my Social Medialess January experiment.

If you sign up for the Pioneer Unit newsletter, you'll get an unreleased Ben Sharpa track as a reward. If rewards are needed. The track is Out of This World Remix. If you don't know what Pioneer Unit is, find out and pretend you always knew.

Lastly, a song from the newly re-designed Looptroop blog, which I thought was pretty cool as well. Here's Invisible Footprints.

Happy weekend.

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