19 February 2010

Minor Addition to Something Old

Some not so long time ago I was writing how I find it to be a bit rich for the DVD's to have so much stuff before the actual thing I have paid for. You know, trailers, adverts, all kinds of so called anti-piracy PSAs on so forth. Now, yestreday I spotted a nice visualisation for this excact thing making its rounds in Twitter. Who's done it - I don't know - so it's hard for me to credit the right person, but I got it by following the writer behind some great comedy such as my all time favourite Father Ted and also IT Crowd, Graham Linehan aka @Glinner. He hasn't made it, I think, but let's give general Friday props for his work nonetheless.


I must say, as a sort of a disclaimer, that I don't advocate the use of the term "piracy", and using it certainly adds to the problem more than anything. I don't particularly advocate the practice that the term is used to describe, but we are all adults and must do what we do. I think the main problem is the copyright at this point and I wish the people in position to do so, could see that changing the law could really make the zeitgeist less confrontational and help everyone. 

Other than that, it's happy weekend.

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