11 March 2010

Beautiful Music

There has been few songs that have hit me like this one. Mammas Gatan (Mum’s street) by Promoe, Timbuktu, Promoe’s fellow Looptroop Rocker Supreme and Andreas Grega. The last one I had never heard of before this track; in all honesty I thought it was Timbuktu on the chorus, but that’s not so important. I have linked the video before and I have certainly talked about these guys, but there’s something about this that just demands my attention. Over and over again.

Rarely do I come across songs that talk to me like this. The lyrics, in Swedish, are talking about youth and growing up. A topic that has been on my mind a lot ever since fathering my own son, so the content of the lyrics – check – it’s on point. But even if you can’t understand these lyrics; and I myself listen to a lot of music in languages I can’t understand, it can offer a fair bit. Every one of the artists, with their own distinctly unique flow of delivery bring a completely different aspect to this track. It’s taken from Promoe’s first solo album in Swedish, Kråksången, which must have been a transition for him – I’d imagine at least – after so many English efforts which I categorically recommend as well. But I don’t know; him rapping in his native language about his youth. Maybe it’s me doing my own post-thirtieth birthday accounting of life, but I can’t lie, this is emotional. Like music so often is.And something is calling me somewhere.

So the fact that the video is so out there creatively, that it’s beyond two fingers to rap clichés, only crowns this song. It must be one of those ones that would fit into a compilation album that would be the soundtrack of my life.

Here’s a video and I keep on giving this link, but it’s a lot of great free music from these guys in English and in Swedish.

More music? Okay, download remix of Nguwe by Rattex and with him Siya. Another really a great song is Push produced by Instro and featuring Reason, Proverb and Bongi Mbelu. This is Johannesburg rap, although Proverb is from Kimberley, and I think it’s got its own feel. Well, this song does certainly and I like it. Lesson to be learned from this is though that if you give music for free online - which is a good idea really - you must tag the files properly. It's important to make those files bullet proof in that whoever gets them into their hands can find all about the song and contact the artists as well - remember that you never know who is listening. Especially when the song is this good.

reason 5
Reason himself a few years ago in the most legendary backstage of Finland.

I was reading earlier that one of UK’s top DJ’s, DJ Semtex is working on a mixtape project to celebrate Nelson Mandela. He has done a track with Sway, which you can listen here (not download). I hope, nudge nudge wink wink, that there’s space for some music from South Africa as well.

Another song I can only link you to video for is Lowkey’s Something Wonderful. By now you should know that he’s the lyricist extraordinaire – the one to always look out for.

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