10 March 2010

Rather reluctant writing is done now - let's write.

Bad handwriting and mild storm in my brain
In all honesty it didn't feel too stormy in my brain when the sun was at its hottest last week.

Let’s do this. I’ve been writing, writing and writing for the past week and it’s been hot as well. Damn, it's been too hot - how am I supposed to have my best thinking cap on in this weather? I didn’t particularly feel like writing the essay that now is handed in, but you know how it is – one’s gotta do and so forth. Still, I am glad it’s all behind me.

Note to self though: if in the post-graduate level I want to take studies even in a slightly different field that the one I've specialised in, I must remember that people don’t do their BA:s and Honours in these things for nothing – there’s been a lot of catching up taking place. And also, just because I am kind of interested in politics is a bit misguided confidence that should not necessarily inform embarking on studies in politics. But I don’t mind. I am glad I am learning something new. Mostly, at the very moment, I am glad that it’s done.

Many things are happening and generally I am feeling good. There’s much bigger things in the horizon when the year passes its midway mark. I am sure I'll get into that one day soon.

Now I just breath easy for a day. Then it’s all about marking the under-graduate assignments. The university life has sucked me in and I am preparing for the day it’ll spit me out into the real world.

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