8 April 2010

First time for everything

<a href="http://rattex.bandcamp.com/track/cape-town">Cape Town by Rattex</a>
One of my personal favourites from Bread & Butter, the debut album of Rattex. The track is Cape Town featuring El Nino and Ma B from Driemanskap.

Today is a very exciting day. It’s one of those first times and in my age you don’t get a first time of something that often. Or is it just my unadventurous stagnant and unjustifiably middle class existence? Who knows. But regardless of any existential angst, today, I am going into the studio to witness recording of some music. With all my years in radio and as a big fan of music, I’ve never really properly witnessed this so it certainly calls for some excitement.

Rattex is recording an EP on Hipe production and I’m going to be there hanging out, making some notes, even asking some questions. Since I’ve never been part of anything like this I am not absolutely sure what it will be like, but I’d bet one of my perfectly functioning kidneys that it’ll be interesting.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say when it’s done.

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