8 April 2010

Future Classics


Just earlier today I made mention of how I will have my first music studio experience today. And I did. This is the after to the before.

I think I learned a few interesting things about how music might be made and had fun just in general chatting with the good people present: Damian aka Dplanet and Hipe who I have never met in person before but heard so much of – more importantly I’ve heard his productions. They’re good people. There was also Steve the studio guy and the one who I went to see and talk to specifically: Rattex.

Rattex is cool guy. We had good three quarters of an hour chat which I recorded so maybe at some point there’ll be some material to share. I am doing this for another project which is writing one, but it’s always good to record audio as well.

So there’s definitely more to come from me and from Rattex there is rather big sounding EP on the way, I can pretty much promise you this. 

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