2 April 2010

Quick Stint to East

Road to Mthatha

Ever since we came back from the Eastern Cape I’ve been doing two things. I have been writing and pretending to write. There’s been a few other things taking place, of course, but to summarise it really comes down to these two things. And as you can see, I haven’t been writing here. It’s been the second instalment of my Political Communication essays. I really am not going to say more about that, because if I want to write anything that’s got to do with it, I may as well write the actual essay. But no digressing here.

Although, if you pardon me digressing one small observation still, I’ve noticed that my first paragraph is inclined to end off topic nearly every time. I wonder what this kind of formula is about. Maybe it will catch on – who knows.

So yeah, I haven’t posted any photos or any mentions of my first ever trip to proper far far Eastern Cape. That excludes the nearer end of the province in Graaff-Reinett where I’ve been many times to visit family.

What can I say – here’s my few observations of the road and the trip.

  • Walter Sisulu University is on Nelson Mandela Road in O.R. Tambo Municipality in Mthatha.
  • Mthatha as a capital of the former Transkei seems to has forgotten the old slogan – as I have been told it went – Keep Transkei Clean. It really isn’t.
  • The area that used to be Transkei, outside of its main city, is beautiful and completely different to anything that I have ever seen. The hills, the houses the greenery. 
  • It’s ridiculously far from Cape Town.

A few photos to fill you in further on how it might have been.

Road to Mthatha

Road to Mthatha

Road to Mthatha

Very lastly; the reason why we went there and spent such a short time was the wedding of my wife’s longest standing friend Qaqamba. It was massive wedding and an amazing experience for me. Even though I really understood very little of the speeches and such.

Now we’re back in the everyday grind. Big things are approaching and my degree is nearly done. The next few months will be busier than ever and better as well.That is almost definite.

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