18 April 2010

To get this off my chest

I wonder if this Ugly School of interior design will catch on.

Finally Sunday. This week needed to end ages ago. On Friday I mentioned how I’ve been struggling with people who we pay money in exchange for basic services – car, the house we live in and such – have taken liberties and felt that we for some reason care about the excuses of sick parents, new telephone lines and in traditional South African style misunderstanding that have stopped them to meet even the lowest expectations of a paying customer. Or just a person in general. In all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever lived anywhere where there’s so many misunderstandings with such regularity. Do people not listen or what’s up with this. Answers to my email.

Now after having waited for several months for a new stove – the old one gave increasingly strong electric shocks which started from painful only to proceed into burning a bit of skin away when they hit. Having communicated this to our agent and not receiving any form of response we finally had to make it very clear that this situation has got to stop. Then of course we heard a list of reasons why this has been fully someone else’s fault and not at all can be attributed to the one who is paid to co-ordinate the whole matter. Why should I care whose fault it is? It’s our practical problem and the difference is that we pay to deal with these matters while the agents and such are paid to deal with the same matters. That’s a big difference in my books. Unfortunately they are also paid even when the excuse themselves from these tasks and that’s why it is so easy for them to insult us with so many reasons why it isn’t their fault that I can’t feel my fingers now.

Of course, you could say that I should’ve learned from the firsts shocks. I did. I became quite good at avoiding these things, but cooking being a daily activity, as the months passed I did end up getting handful of these stings of unnecessary pain. So I am sure, or hope at least, that you can understand how the matter not being taken seriously by someone whose salary you are contributing might feel rather insulting.

So finally this morning – Sunday morning – we receive a call that they’ll come with the new cooking set up to fix the problem at 9.30 in the morning. Never mind the unusual timing, I was just glad to put this thing behind me so I didn’t care. We were told that it’s very quick thing so even better. I just imagined the lovely brunch that I could do with the new stove.

Three hours later without access to our kitchen, no electricity, not having eaten anything and an impatient and hungry child running around us, the guy says that the stove has got scratches and he needs to come next week to change it. As unbelievable as I found this, I couldn’t help but point out the more obvious problem; the new oven filled maybe around 75% or the hole that it was supposed to. This thing had been measured by so many people on so many occasions, not all of them convenient to us and yet this rather ugly whole had materialised in the middle of our kitchen breathing out cockroaches with steady flow. Apparently the quote was only for the machine and new one is needed to fill the hole. Knowing the people we deal with we’ll just have to live with it as long as we are here. But whatever may be, it does not look too nice especially if you're expecting guests. Or even if you just have the sense of sight.

Since he left we’ve been sorting out the mess that was left and which will make its next appearance in a few days when he comes to do it all over again. Oh you incompetence veiled with incoherent and poor excuses – you irritate me.

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