31 May 2010

Being Blogged About

From the PU desk

In the recent weeks I have had many mentions here how, first I was writing a story and then later how it was uploaded online. I am very happy that while I had no intentions to draw a picture prettier than what exists, but rather to try to understand the realities as they are, the article was met with open minds by its subjects. I think that’s a positive testimony to their own attitudes in the industry. Perhaps someone less confident could’ve seen the realism as a disrespect. That’s the kind of world we live in, but the reason why I am writing now is to shamelessly plug the kind words Damian wrote on Pioneer Unit blog. I appreciate.

If you found this blog from the Pioneer Unit site; welcome, have a look around by all means.

Lastly, that EP; it sounds heavy – take it from the earwitness.

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