5 May 2010

Driemanskap on Bandcamp

<a href="http://driemanskap.bandcamp.com/track/sphumegugs">S'phum'eGugs by Driemanskap</a>

I was an instant fan of Driemanskap the day I heard their songs Kwek Madoda and Itsho Into. That’s some years ago now. I used to play these tracks and a few others a lot in my radio show. After that, a lot has happened and their first proper album was released last year after a few collaborative mixtapes. My story, to which I stick and which also has been confirmed  by  the representatives of the label, is that I was the very first person in the entire world who bought this record. I like the idea; it's very high on my CV of social capital of a music fan.  

The record Igqabhukil' Inyongo is great and everyone should have it. Well, everyone who shares my musical tastes even a bit. And this is where the good news come in – you can now buy it from their Bandcamp site. Bargain price for the download of the full album and some tracks are even free (or pay as much you wish). Try for instance one of the top tracks Camagu which also has a nice video to go with it. The track I chose from it however is a bit harder than most of the tracks and it’s called S'phum’eGugs. Play it loud.

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