29 May 2010

Examination time

Okay, my school wasn't quite like this, but it still is how exams make me feel. Or made until this week. Perhaps it was due time to rethink them.

I am nearly done with my studies for now. A few more bits and pieces, but by and large everything is close to its end. This week I had last of my deadlines and the exam. Exam. I don’t like exams. They remind me of the kind of school where I wasn’t very good. The kind that perhaps didn’t bring out the best in me, whatever that best is. But this time it was all very different. It was for a course on Political Communication which I had enjoyed so much and worked very hard for. It was also my first ever open book exam. The Professor put it like this – memorising is for parrots.

I also had the chance to type it with laptop which was great, because my handwriting is appalling and after a bit my fingers really start aching. I may have evolved to that direction since the school days. Either way, essentially the exam gave a few questions and asked you to make an argument one way or the other. Pretty nice task, I though; that is what I do here in my blog all the time.

So I had two hours to write two blog posts in an academic context. Quite casually I’ve done it for five years (in a few days time), so perhaps I had a slight advantage, but nothing I haven’t earned with endless hours of doing something out of love for free, first for no one but myself, then mainly for my dad to read (he has used this to learn English) and more recently a readership which is increasing, although nothing out of control yet (humble thank you is still in order).

So, the next few bits are just something that I said in school. Well, a bit modified versions of that. I thought I should post them here as I wrote them a bit like they could be.

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