24 May 2010

'Labour of love & hard entertainment' now online.


Finally it's done. I've had so many projects taking place simultaniously, that it has felt like all of them have taken forever. Now we have reached the point when I start seeing some results. Here's the article I wrote on Rattex - if you are a reader of this blog on regular basis, you knew I was busy with it and if not scroll down and see it for yourself. I've uploaded it in Scribd which is such a wonderful online publishing platform (with its few bugs that occasionally cramp the letters on top of each others), and also I have created another page on my blog, now that blogger allows it, called Featured, where it also is and that's more suitable for mobile phone browsing as well. Currently, it still lacks a few photos that are part of the actual story, but perhaps in the next few days I can try to add them there. All the images are on my Flickr site anyway.

RATTEX: Labour of love & hard entertainment

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