18 May 2010

Things on their way.

Rattex in Studio
A bit of preview from my fortcoming article on Rattex.

Marking, writing, waiting, searching, editing, scripting, baby sitting, tour guiding, scanning, copying, driving, calling, emailing and occasionally eating and sleeping a bit. That’s what I have been up to. Not very exciting – all a bit limboesque at the moment – but soon enough there should be some actual results to show that I am not quite lying either. Within a week I will post an article I’ve been writing and for which the image in this post is for, a collection of essays; a trilogy on reading political media texts and possibly my actual e-book might make its first proper appearance some time soon as well. Who knows with a bit of luck before my fifth blog anniversary which is less than a month away.

Everything else for now is details. I have also added a widget ,as they call them, that has my shared items from my news reader. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry – it’s just something where you can find articles, images, video or audio online that I rather recommend. Have a look, it’s in the side column underneath the blog archive.

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