8 June 2010

Five years in a blog

Photo: I could effotfully attempt to say something like "growing by blogging" or other stiff wordplays that would create a sense where the image actually supports what I have written, but realistically there is no particular connection; still why not just post some of these old photos I've taken here and there. I rather like them.

Another year has gone by. Of course, every moment a year has gone by from something; many things really, but today, it’s my blog birthday. Five years. A longish time really considering that it was all before MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or even Flickr that I started here. And half of those accounts just mentioned are already deleted, so I suppose it is safe to claim that this blog has had some kind of staying power.

The blog also has been in a constant state of low-intensity construction and it isn’t quite yet in the form I want it to be. Change, as ongoing as it is, is about to be put on the next gear, and soon I am in the position to do bits and bobs here without counting the bandwidth it may cost me. Internet is great, but only when you have unlimited internet will you really be in it. Three years now I have been on this slow mode that is known as South African online infrastructure. Now it appears that the technology is improving, but the prices are still quite ridiculous.

But like one of my heroes said, if you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you. So I shall.

I am sure there will be more ramblings on my journey and adventure ahead, but for now I only wanted to say, well done me for having had this blog and thanks to you for coming.

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