28 June 2010

Quick mid-summer reflections

Photo: It's a terrible cliché this photo. My only defence is that I haven't lived in this country for nearly a decade.

It’s been a few moments since I was here. A week has passed quickly in Finland and I must say that in Finland I’ve never written in a same way as I tend to in South Africa. Perhaps, at least partly, this is as it is more sensible to participate in the South African public discourse in English than the one in Finland, which is pretty much solely taking place in Finnish. So as a Finnish speaker when there is a news story or an event that makes me want to explore it, it’d be unusual to do so in English in my English speaking blog.

So I am in the crossroads a bit. Where will I take this and how will it continue may be less clear for now, but as always, it will continue. No fear. And I say that in case the possibility of me no longer writing here would cause you any such sensation. Most people, and I am fairly confident about this, would survive such eventuality with little or no trauma.

The midsummer is a beautiful thing. We’ve been enjoying the long days and nominal nights, and while it hasn’t been quite boiling hot, the weather has been nice enough.

The transition has also been smooth thus far, and soon, most certainly, things start happening with a faster pace. Now just a moment of holiday and relaxation to get over the public holidays and the long weekend passed. Then; I am on it.

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