10 June 2010

Writing on the wall


My Cape Town has always had cool graffiti. That is to say that while I haven’t always lived here nor have I stayed everywhere in the city – who has – but that’s an association that I easily make. In Woodstock where I’ve found myself a lot you can see it in every corner and near the District Six, or Zonnebloem as they now call it, there are some pretty impressive big ones. Or are they murals? I think graffiti. It’s my jogging ground.

Today when we were going to run a few errands and I took the camera as the town was promised to be busy with World Cup opening day Fan Park activities I saw a new graffiti and it was pretty cool and very meaningful. My wife took an instant liking to its political significance representing the decades of the struggle as it was understood in the South Africa. Well, struggle continues to many, but nice work nonetheless.

And about the Fan Park; it was nice to see it and nice not to be there. It's because I am getting a bit old an on the other hand I am mildly claustrophobic. So not an ideal place.

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